• Abstract Guideline
  • Abstract Submission

A. Important Dates for Authors

Call for Abstract 14 July 2016
Abstract Submission Extended 15 Nov 2016
Abstract acceptance within 2 weeks of submission
Papers Due 13 Dec 2016
Final Presentations Due 10 Jan 2017
Revisions Due 24 Jan 2017

All submission types (completed papers & regional case study, & developments in Tunnellingframework) must adhere to the submission guidelines outlined in this document.

B. General Submission Requirements

English is the language of the conference and of all submissions.

Review Process:
All submissions will be pre-screened for conformity with submission guidelines and for overall appropriateness for the conference. Papers that pass the initial screening processes will be double-blind reviewed.

Publication of proceedings:
All submissions for presentation at 4th Arabian Tunnelling Conference 2017will be published in the conference book.

Copyright is retained by the authors. By submitting the final paper to the conference organizers, the authors agree to allow the conference organizers to have non-exclusive use of the material for publication in the various modalities of the conference proceedings and other publications.

Abstract & Paper Submission Guidelines

Authors are kindly requested to follow the guidelines, described below:

  • Papers should be submitted in Microsoft Word (.doc)
  • Papers must not be sent in PDF format and should not be zipped.
  • Set the page size to A4 with 3.0cm margins all around. Please do not insert headers, footers or page numbers. Do not refer to page numbers in your text as these will be changed.
  • Do not use multiple columns.
  • Abstract should be 10-20 lines, max 250 words and typed in 11 point Calibri font.
  • Full Paper should be within 12 pages, less than 6000 words
  • All papers should be composed of:
    1. Title: 14 point Calibri font, bold, left-aligned, and single-spaced
    2. Author(s) Name, Affiliation, and email: 12 point Calibri font
    3. Abstract: 11 point Calibri font
    4. Keywords: max. 6
    5. Body 12 point Calibri font
    6. Quotes/Citations: Calibri 11 point Calibri font
    7. Endnotes (if required): Calibri 11 point Calibri font
    8. References: Calibri 10 point Calibri font
  • Figures and tables should be placed as close to their reference point in the text as possible. All figures and tables must have titles and must be referenced from within the text.

Abstract Presentation Guidelines:

  • Presenters must use the provided template
  • Presenters are allowed to add their company's logo on the Introduction and Closing slides only
  • Presentations in which the template was altered will be rejected
  • Presentations that include marketing pitches will be rejected
  • Presentation time limit is 20 minutes, including time to take questions
  • Presentations are limited to 30 slides, the average length being 20-25 slides

Presentation Tips and Tricks:

  • Only prepare as many slides as required to visually support what you're saying orally.
  • White space-or "empty" space-is a critical component of guiding viewers to your most important point.
  • Rely on visuals, not too many words, to make your point.
  • Create Speaking Notes. Instead of speaking from your slides on the screen, prepare and print out speaking notes. This frees up the slide contents to be tailored to the audience, and the notes in turn will support you.
  • Practice! Go through your presentation out loud a few times, ideally with another person to give you feedback.

Abstract Submissiom Closed

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